Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Where You At? - Saved By the Bell Special Edition


If so, use some of the numbers in it. It probably belongs to the first true pimp of '90s sitcom: high school preppie Zack Morris.

Startin with Good Morning Miss Bliss and movin' on to Saved By The Bell (we will pretend the College Years did not exist) Zach amassed more digits than Lakshmi. Of course, being the pimp that he is, even his friends were pretty damn good lookin'. So, to begin a six-part series, lets take a trip back to Junior High.

Heather Hopper
Heather Hopper, better known as Jessie Spano No. 1, Nikki Coleman, was actually quite the '80s hottie. She retains her TV Actress eligibility due to the syndication clause, which will benefit you if you wanna grab her in a late-round reach. (Ugh. I forgot to change the rule after the Elisha Cuthbert disaster. However, she is TV-eligible because that's the majority of her work.--ed.)

She's developed into quite the thang ... I think (OK, its really hard to find a picture of this girl) but, since she's changed her name (accordin' to Wiksterpedsters) to "Ginny Heather Holly," and she was in an Elvira movie, we can only assume she is now either a stripper or a porn star... clearly.

Tune in next time for one of the castmates you actually remember.

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