Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Keepin' It Low Key - Romero, Romero, Where For Art Thou?

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If you haven't noticed, Jessica Alba has a new movie coming out called The Eye, another movie remake of an old Japanese horror film, much like The Ring and The Grudge. Going by that alone, I can already predict what the movie is about with knowing anything about it:

Pretty hot chick does something dramatic with her life and then freaky shit starts happening, probably involving some pale-faced kid who looks like they just fell out of the shower.

Lo and behold, The Eye is about a young blind violinist (Jessica Alba, the pretty hot chick) who is given the chance to see for the first time through an eye transplant (dramatic something) and winds up having visions about death coming to take the doomed away from the living world (freaky shit that probably involves a pale-faced kid). Of course, this article isn't about Alba, since she's already famous and we all know who she is, but rather the woman who gives Alba the foresight (wokka wokka) to see that blind wasn't so bad. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Fernanda Romero

Born in the Distrito Federal in Mexico City, she got her first big break BMG's ensemble group Fryzzby, with whom she released two top-ten selling singles and toured from Mexico to Central America. From there, she made the move into television, hosting various programs and appearing in nationwide commercials. Eventually, like most children who aspire to be entertainers, her parents "just didn't understand" and encouraged her to work on a "real" career.

Fernanda moved to Los Angeles and appeared in print and television ad campaigns for companies including Rock and Republic, Clean and Clear, Pepsi, Apple, and JC Penny. While in school -- working on her degree in fashion design -- Fernanda enrolled in acting classes eventually landing a gig in Telemundo's original production Wounded Soul, where she was not only a lead actress, but also a lead singer, performing two songs onthe soap opera's soundtrack.

Why does she get props? Besides being another incredibly hot fence jumper, she's also three years my senior and a frequently visitor to New York. *looks into gym membership and "rico suave" classes*

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she is so hot

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she is so freaking HOT